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GoLocal’s aim is to let you experience Emilia Romagna region and its people in a truly authentic manner. All the people you’ll meet on our tours live in and around Bologna and they love their job.

Our goal is to give you the most original, informative and memorable experience possible. Charming art, excellent food and super cars. Emilia Romagna has it all.

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Discover Italy’s gastronomic paradise with us!

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Emilia Romagna is known as the land of motor for 5 very good reasons: Ferrari, Lamborghini , Maserati , Pagani and Ducati

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You can't miss to visit the oldest University in the world, it is a one life experience!

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250 euros per person
9.30 am
60 euros per person
10 AM
Every day except Monday
110 euros per person
From Monday to Saturday
9.30 am
60 euros per person
3 PM
Every day except Sunday

About Us

Local and Sustainable
Who better than a guide born locally to guarantee you an authentic view of the territory you’re visiting?

Friendly and Professional
The competence of our guides comes from their advanced training as ambassadors for our region.

Safe and Legit
In a sector where quality varies and improvisation is common, GoLocal’s initiatives are designed to respect all the Italian and European legal norms concerning tourism.

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