1. Most of the delis and boutiques close between 12.30 and 14.30 and they are close on Sundays and Thursdays afternoon. Chain stores stay open from 9 to 19.00, even on Sundays.
  2. Traffic regulations: The entire downtown is closed to traffic during weekends! This means that you cannot drive along the following roads: Via Indipendenza, Via Rizzoli e Via Ugo Bassi. For more info, please check this map:
  3. Best season: Autumn or spring, when the weather is warm and the city has a lively atmosphere. In August almost the entire goes on vacation. But museums, churches and all tourist attractions are open!
  4. For most churces you’ll need to cover your shoulders.
  5. Many churches, museums and historical palaces are closed on Mondays: Accursio Palace, St. Maria della Vita church, Museum of history of Bologna, Modern art museum (MAMBO), St. Colombano church.

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